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About Future Realty and Development

Southwest Florida, Area Counties and Cities Government Agencies are very proactive in the land development process in our area, having a major emphasis on preserving and incorporating the natural environment where possible into the development plan of a project.  Their desire is to preserve the quality of that environment, having it create an amenity in the overall desired property development.  

Understanding and appreciating this Agency desire to protect as much of our sensitive environment as possible is a key ingredient for successful development in the Southwest Florida market.   

Future Realty and Development has over 40 years of experience in the Acquisition, Permitting and Marketing of Commercial, Industrial and Residential Development Properties.  We have been active in the Southwest Florida market since 1987, specializing in purchasing, permitting and developing properties having issues with environmental wetlands, land use designations, rezoning and development order needs.   

We have successfully gone through the entitlement permitting process on many projects, working with several of the local architectural, civil and environmental engineering firms and land use attorneys, and we are comfortable with recommending the majority of these Professionals’ services for your Project.  

Combining our in-depth experience with government regulations, the knowledge of construction and development requirements, the understanding of budgets and accounting, and the experience gained from the ownership and sale of a variety of assets gives Future Realty and Development a high level of confidence in today’s real estate arena. 

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